Monday, July 30, 2007

I Am Not a Coffeehouse Expert

I am not a coffee or coffeehouse expert, but I've enjoyed many coffeehouse spaces around the northwest for about 15 years.

The coffeehouse as our society's "third place" (a place that is not home or work) has always excited me. To describe a place that is not solely defined by its products and location, but by its "feel" and "personality" is one example of how our changing economy and culture have collided into this relationship between customer and coffeehouse.

And in this relationship people demand certain traits in their third places: convenience, originality, stewardship, variety....there as many coffeehouse experiences as there are coffee drinkers.

This journal will be my attempt to record my personal perspectives of those third places around Portland, OR, so that others may read, argue and learn about the coffeehouse culture and how it adds to our larger culture.

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