Monday, September 10, 2007

Little Red Bike Cafe

Last Saturday I made it out to the Little Red Bike Cafe in St. Johns to enjoy what everyone's been raving about. It is an extra-sweet little place with doting service and a friendly atmosphere.

I normally only go for a simple pastry and coffeedrink in the mornings, but I couldn't resist their breakfast sandwiches. I had myself a Zoobomb which had egg, cheese, carmelized onions and this great creamy-spicy aoili that really made the sandwich.

Little Red Bike seem to be churning out lots of different desserts everyday and I wonder if they are going to settle in to a few rotating ice creams and specials or if there will be a constant "what's coming next" feel for the offerings.

I'm all for mixing it up in the kitchen but consistency and reliability keep me coming back to my favorite places time and again.

Drip coffee was all I had this time around and it was pretty good. The food is what makes this place stand out and so I really hesitate to even label the Little Red Bike Cafe a "coffeehouse," it is more of a cafe or restaurant.

Their pastry case contains items from what I consider the only bakery in town to rival Crema's baked goods: Fleur de Lis Bakery. If you have not had a scone from Fleur De Lis, then you have not lived life. They are rich and moist without being oily or heavy. And it doesn't really matter which type of scone you get, you will be a fan of them all. (Extracto also carries their goods.)

I will be back to this coffeehouse/cafe/restaurant, if for no other reason than to try the Courier Coffee Milkshake.

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Your Mom's Cool Friend, because Your Mom's Not Cool said...

Little Red Bike Cafe scores another fan. This addition to St. John's has had neighbors and neighbors of neighbors in a frenzy leading up to their opening. I am also a big fan. Weeks prior to their opening, I was reading their blog from start to finish with my mouth watering and stomach speaking volumes to the food porn posted.

If you like Little Red Bike Cafe's pastries, you'll love Pastrycat's homemade, baked from scratch, organic and natural, trans fat free goodies. I had a warm and delicious Peach Cobbler muffin today and though it was gigantic, when it was done, I wanted another. Pastrycat is also in St. John's, the newest Mecca of good spots to go. Try it.