Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm a Tall Non-Fat Latte, Trapped in a Double Short Americano

I would bet that any coffee-drinker can remember with great clarity their drink preferences throughout their life, chronologically. We all go through phases where our signature drink changes over time due to age, financial situation, fads...

Here is my biography-by-coffee:

16 oz. mocha (high school years)
16 oz. iced mocha (high school years during the summer)
8 oz. americano, with cream and sugar (college)
12 oz. latte, no cream, no sugar (post-college)
12 oz. non-fat latte, no cream, no sugar
drip coffee

I notice a pattern.


Marisa said...

This is good, mine almost mirrors yours except that after high school I was a shot in the dark instead of the Americano. Do you remember what Coffee People used to call their shot in the dark? I can't but that is what I got. All drip for me these days...except when I go to Stumptown for some french press..yum!

Anonymous said...

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