Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ristretto Roasters

This past summer, while biking down Vancouver Ave. to work, I knew that Ristretto would be opening its second location on Williams any day. It was a bright morning and all of a sudden I found myself being pulled east toward Williams to see if Ristretto was open yet and what do you know?

It was their first day of business. Well, it was day zero, really. They were giving away coffee for free. The coffeehouse equivalent of a "soft opening."

Do I have a coffee sixth sense or what?

Now PDX Coffeehouse Journal readers are well aware that I feel a diplomacy to all those coffeehouses out there, each offering it's own unique recipe to the city. Well, there is diplomacy no more.

Ristretto Roasters is my most favorite coffeehouse in Portland.

I've visited their Fremont location before, but it is really out of the way for me. But now, with quality coffee, nice space and a convenient location it takes the top spot on my coffeehouse hierarchy.

Does this mean I have eschewed all other coffees for this one location? Not really. There is no fun in that. I do still believe that all shops out there have something special to offer. I'm just going to be enjoying Ristretto's offerings a lot more now.

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