Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cafe Velo

Spring has arrived and while not technically a "coffeehouse," Cafe Velo is now operating every Saturday at the Portland Farmer's Market in the South Park Blocks.

Cafe Velo is a movable coffee operation that serves Stumptown coffee via French Press or brewed-to-order in Melitta porcelain coffee makers. They set out the bags of pre-ground coffee in the center of their counter and scoop the stuff into filtered Melitta drip cups. Then hot water is added, carefully stirred and in a couple of minutes you have a very fresh cup of coffee.

Today they featured six different Stumptown blends including the Ethiopia Wondo and Costa Rican Villalobos, which I tried today, all for $2.50 for a 12 oz cup. (No comments on the taste as I just came down with a cold taking my tastebuds out of commission.)

I love Cafe Velo because it gives the you the opportunity to try something new everytime you visit the market. Even if you don't intimately know what you are choosing, I certainly don't, it's
great to get out of your coffee comfort zone and try something new.

Coffee should be treated like wine. There are different varietals and nuances, tones and aromas that you can only pick up on after many cups of different beans. And Cafe Velo makes it easy to get started on being the coffee snob you always wanted to be.

More photos of Cafe Velo's bakfiets here.


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